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Other Poetry Collections

Poets' Corner (Steve Spanoudis, et. al.) - A venerable website including both popular classics ("Hiawatha", "Invictus") and the standard, accepted-as-great ("Ode to a Grecian Urn", "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd"); 6,700 poems by 780 poets (as of March 2003). Subject categorization of the poems; good search capability. Few additions/updates since 2003.
Bartleby Verse (Bless them for honoring a lowly scrivener!): The complete texts of 70 pre-1930 anthologies and 80 famous, pre-1930 volumes of poetry by individual authors; tens of thousands of poems in total. [Feb. 2014] Individual Volumes in separate section following Anthologies. Plus Great Books Online (formerly Bartleby Library): hundreds of complete, pre-1930 books in the categories of Reference, Fiction, and Nonfiction.
Famous Poets and Poems - 27,076 poems, by 628 poets, as of Oct. 2009. All time periods. Biographies of poets. Option to sort poems either alphabetically or by number of views. "Top 50 poems". "Poet of the Month". (Added, 12 JAN 2007)

Leon Malinofsky's Page An interesting and valuable site with 40 carefully selected poems along with music, images, True Speech, and certain of the author's own writings.
The Hypertexts About 4,000 well-chosen poems by 500 poets, from all time-periods. Including: Featured Poets; Blasts from the Past; Holocaust; Contemporary Poets; Foreign/Translation; New Romantics; Contemporary [Visual] Artists; Songs and Poems that Changed the World; Dark Poetry; many more. Many with biography/photo. (Added, 12 FEB 2014)
The Poetry Foundation "Poetry Tool" - As of December 2006: 460 poets, 300 from the 20th century; 3,900 poems; organized by: Category, Occasion, First line, Glossary term, Most popular. Very good, complete biographical information for each poet. The Poetry Foundation is the parent organization of Poetry Magazine . (Added, 23 DEC 2006)
Lyrical Legacy: 400 Years of American Song and Poetry 18 American songs and poems from the digital collections of the Library of Congress. (Added, 12 FEB 2014)
Shalizi's Poetry Collection About 200 good poems by 40 pre-1950 poets
The University of Toronto's Representative Poetry On-Line - 4,800 pre-1900 English poems by 700 poets [as of Feb. 2014] ; chronologically organized (with author, title, keyword searching, too)
The (emule) Poetry Archives - 5,048 classical poems by 153 poets [Oct. 2009]; keyword searching (Added, 22 DEC 2000)
Chadwyck-Healey's LionHeart. 1,000 love poems, from 1500-1900; mostly British. Nicely organized; good tools for searching the poems.
Luminarium Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th century poetry
The Academy of American Poets --Poetry Exhibits - This site and Hishikawa's (see Guides, below) are the places to go on the Web for 20th-century American poets (500 poets). This site has biographical information, poems, and links for each one. (Note: There are some English and some pre-20th-century poets included here as well.)
American Poems 234 American poets of all time-periods, with a biography of each. Many of the poems have visitor-posted comments. As of Oct. 2009: 8,023 poems and 18,196 comments.(Added, 24 DEC 2005)
Wikipedia's list of poems 500 famous (mostly English-language) poems (Added, 2 MAR 2016)

Wikipedia's list of poetry collections (books of poems by individual authors) (about 500 such books, half with online links) and  anthologies (about 70, almost all with online links) (Added, 2 MAR 2016)

Project Gutenberg Texts of 42,000 free English-language ebooks --mostly literature, mostly pre-1920. More than 636 books with the keyword "poems" in the title. E-books for Kindle. [As of Feb. 2014]
The Eserver Poetry Collection (formerly Carnegie-Mellon University Index of Canonical Verse) mostly pre-1950; many longer poems/books of poems

University of Michigan's American Verse Project 150 American poetry books published before 1920, in their entirety. (Added, 26 JUL 2001)

Bibliomania Poetry Full text of 70 pre-1900 poetry books; mostly British. (Added, 22 DEC 2002)

MIT's Internet Classics Archive a searchable collection of over 400 classical Greek and Latin texts (in English translation)
Cosmoetica's Neglected Poets A-F; G-L; M-R; S-Z About 200 poems by neglected 20th century poets; many good poems not found elsewhere. (C E Teymur) 1,223,953 poems, by 105,502 poets; both classic and contemporary [Nov. 2014]. (Some by living poets without their permission.) Though the texts are generally correct, there are some mistakes. (Added, 01 JAN 2003)
Garrison Keillor reads a different poem each day "Writer's Almanac"; other poets' poems, not Garrison's own. (Added, 25 JAN 2015)
Poetry Daily - a sampler of contemporary print-published poetry; largely from books under copyright which aren't available elsewhere. (365 poems, the past year's-worth.)
A Little Archive of Poetry; formerly, Pete's Best-Loved Poems. 800 "real" poems: sentimental, rhymed : "Casey At the Bat", "Annie and Willie's Prayer", "Heaven's Grocery Store". Link not working, 2-MAR-2016
Don't miss "The Ride of Jennie M'Neal" (Link changed, 23 JAN 2015)

Some More Noteworthy Web-Published Poetry Collections:

Poetry Super Highway Includes a once-a-month radio open mic.

In the Heydays of His Eyes An Anthology of Poems about Being Young and Growing Up

Poems for holidays, events, other subjects:   My Poetic Side , . . Best Quotes and Poems .

Poetry Bulletin-boards: ; PostPoems

Many other bulletin-boards listed at: Poetry Portal and Poetry Forums .

Mutual links to various other poetry collections
Great Books / Internet Archive . (Mostly) not poetry ... but lots of great prose. 142 books, as of June 27, 2015.

Other Poetry Guides

Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource a venerable guide; all periods, 600 links, most with comments by Patrick; not updated since 2007.
Twentieth-Century Poetry in English (Professor Eiichi Hishikawa, Kobe University, Japan) 159 sites, representing the best-known published poets of the 20th century; not updated since 2006
Poetry Portal "Poetry Online", "E-zine listings", "Bulletin Boards", "Competitions", "Chit-Chat", and much more. (Added, 20 DEC 2005) . . . SEE "ThoughtCo. Poetry", below, in the "Essays About Poetry" section.
The Open Directory Project / Arts/Literature/Poetry As of Mar 17, 2017, is no longer being updated. The preceding link is to a "static mirror" which the editors have set up.
Modern American Poetry An Online Journal and Multimedia Companion to the Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry (Added, 22 DEC 2002)

Passions in Poetry Classical poems; Love poems, sad poems, friendship poems, etc. (Added, 19 JUN 2010)
LitRefs: Tim Love's literary references Strong on UK sites/poets (Added, 18 JUN 2010)
Jacket magazine's Literary links & electronic magazines 150 sites, mostly contemporary; with descriptions by John Tranter. (Added, 03 FEB 2002)
160 links, all periods, no comments; 120 more
The Literary Web (U. Virginia). Links to academic websites. Especially, the "Literary Resources" and "Poetry" sections.
Modern & Contemporary American Poetry Reading for the English 88 class at the University of Pennsylvania. Several hundred links.
Poets & Writers Resources for poets and writers: contests, publishing advice, links, news, trivia, directory of writers, "Out Loud Audio".
Wikipedia Poetry entry
Guides to Literature Resources on the Web (Mostly Prose): Bibliomania

Literary Resources on the Net (Rutgers)

English Literature on the Web (Mitsuharu Matsuoka)

Links to sites with free literary e-books

Literature Post 825 works from 71 authors; 1-page bio for each. Link not working, Dec 24, 2016.

Essays about Poetry

ThoughtCo. Poetry   articles on various poetry topics. ( now redirects to this website.) (Added, 12 JUN 2017)

Dana Gioia's "Can Poetry Matter" (from the May 1991 issue of The Atlantic Monthly)

Interview with Dana Gioia: "Paradigms Lost" (from the Spring 1995 issue of ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum)

RJ McCaffery's ramble across several subjects: Poetics, Communication, Poetry,..." (Link not working, Dec. 2006)

"Void"'s Introduction to the Notes to his collection of poems, Ex Nihilo

Lucius' discussion of Robert Graves' The White Goddess  

The Contemporary Poetry Review / The Critical Flame  

John Tranter's Jacket magazine Twenty issues; mostly contemporary poetry. (Added, 03 FEB 2002)

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