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What Will Be the Great Art?

What will citizens of the 22nd century see as the great art of the 20th? I think it will mostly be movies. Casablanca, Satjit Ray’s Apu Trilogy, Charlie Chaplin’s movies, The Imitation Game, Sophie’s Choice, the “Colors of the Wind”…

A Poetry-Lover’s Guide

Poems expressing love, tenderness, despair, wistfulness, rage… 100 poems by 65 poets, with 60 links to other poetry collections and guides…

Genius Ignored

Artists who were undervalued / unappreciated / ignored / neglected in their own time, their greatness being recognized only by subsequent generations….

Scraps of Faith:  54 Poems

in which Lucius Furius poses as an African Bushman and Nazi General Erwin Rommel;   disinters Vietnam draft memories;   grapples with life’s meaning ( 1 … 2 … 3);   celebrates asceticism;   remembers brother’s suicide near-death of son;   talks to former loves;   summarizes the millennium;   confesses love for wife ;   considers Adam and Eve.

Links To Other Valuable Art

Links to other valuable writings, musical pieces/performances, and movies.
See / Hear Them…

16 Great Paintings

16 great paintings,  by classical and contemporary painters.

The original Humanists (Giotto, Petrarch, Erasmus) turned away from 13th-century religious abstraction to celebrate the beauty and power of human beings and nature. Artists of coming centuries will, in a similar fashion, turn away from the impotent, Scientific abstractions of the 20th century, returning to an art which expresses genuine feeling and is grounded in genuine culture.

*** This was written before I had heard Morten Lauridsen’s “Lux Aeterna” (1998). That’s an exception:Lauridsen Wikipedia article .