Genius Ignored: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Bach, Thoreau, Melville, Van Gogh, Nabokov, and Casablanca

Artists who were undervalued/unappreciated/ignored/neglected in their own time, their greatness being recognized only by subsequent generations....

Chapter 1: Introduction (3 pages)

Chapter 2: Rembrandt (10 pages)

  Chapter 3: Vermeer (6 pages)



  Chapter 4: Bach (11 pages)

   Chapter 5: Thoreau (15 pages)

  Chapter 6: Melville (32 pages)

  Chapter 7: Van Gogh (35 pages)


  Chapter 8: Nabokov (4 pages)



Chapter 9: Casablanca (37 pages)

Chapter 10: Twentieth-Century Art: The Emperor's New Clothes; Talking in Esperanto (2 pages)

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