Various Mutual and Other Poetry Links

Best Love Poems (Janis Krumins) (new, March 7, 2003)
Carol Jones’ Poems (new, April 20, 2003)
Cartoon Blues (Andrey Feldshteyn) (new, June 20, 2004)
Casa Poema – Famous Poems, New Poetry, Photos, and Quotes (Judith Pordon) 100 well-chosen poems in 13 categories (new, April 20, 2003)
Dan Dănilă’s poems A Romanian poet, living in Germany; translating his poems to English (new, January 15, 2005)
David Weldon: extracts from published work, reviews, and previously unpublished poems
Drama, Poems, Essays by Grant Schuyler a Toronto poet and thinker
Endless poetry Poems generated using a random poetry generator (new, Sept. 12, 2004)
Exquisite Corpse An online Journal of Letters and Life
Find Poetry; a directory of poetry websites
Gonzo Turtle
The Great American Poetry Show a serial poetry anthology open year-round to submissions of poems in any subject and style (new, Oct. 26, 2005)
Keith Barnes – the English poet. Poems translated to French by Jacqueline Starer
The Literary Traveler Interesting pieces on writers/their places (Linda McGovern)
Louise Hart: Author, Poet and Photojournalist … Excerpts from her published works
Moonrabbit Blues Lee Ann Roripaugh’s Poetry Cyber-Salon; 1998 winner of Nat.Po.Series
Ode a l’amour Poems in French (with English translation as well) (new, 05/03/2003)
Poems by Abe Flowers (new, August 25, 2004)
Poetry of Jay Braddock
Poetry Poem Poetry bulletin-board; contest (Daniel Durvin) (new, Feb. 13, 2004)
Poetry, Prose and a Story Dale Sahlberg; “poems need sound and pictures to match the words” (new, July 9, 2005)
 Tao of Poetry: A nonlinear exploration of the art A film: free clips; DVD for sale (new, Sept. 26, 2004)
Wolf Larsen: adventurer, novelist, playwright, and poet (new, Oct. 8, 2005)