Poems of Unrequited Love

From Lucius Furius’ Scraps of Faith collection:

  But Still   (“… but, still, you break our hearts”)

  Now You Will Feel (“…  the cold truth of my not loving you”)   [the speaker is a woman the poet’s in love with]

  The Poet Talks To His Former Loves    

From A Poetry-Lover’s Guide to the World-Wide Web:

  “He Is More Than A Hero”   (Sappho)

  “My Fever Is as a Longing Still”  (Shakespeare)

  “Love Armed”   (Aphra Behn)

  “Never Give All the Heart” (Yeats)

  “When You Are Old”   (Yeats)

  When you are dead, and your disturbing eyes  (Edna Millay)

  “Pity Me Not Because the Light of Day”    (Edna Millay)

   “litany”   (a stick of emotional dynamite)  (Carolyn Creedon)

  “Were I To Send This Letter”  (“Ivoryesque”)


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