Poems of Familial Love

Poems about love for spouses, children, parents, and siblings….



from  Scraps of Faith: 54 Poems of Lucius Furius:     

That Magic Summer  (husband– > wife)

What’s True           (father– > son)

Oh, Dad                  (father– > children)

Grandma’s Funeral    (grandmother)

Do Not Think    (husband– > wife)

My Children, As You Leave Home Little by Little  (father– > children)

Love Is Not All  (husband– > wife)

     * from  A Poetry-Lover’s Guide:

  Parting of Hector and Andromache  (from Homer’s Iliad) — >>

  Letter to his wife Sarah  (Sullivan Ballou)

  from The Caucasian Chalk Circle  (Bertolt Brecht)

  “Supernatural Love”   (Gjertrud Schnackenberg)

  “Homeward Bound”  (Paul Simon)

  “Fifteen”   (C. K. Williams)

  “i’ve decide to become an alcoholic”  (Kathy M.)


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