Map of video of Lucius/Jerry reciting selections from Scraps of Faith

1st session

mm:ss  poem

00:30   To My Son

00:50   I Say There Is No Physical Beauty

02:05   Isn’t Life a Pile o’ Shit?

02:55   The Bushman Speaks

04:50   No Garden Flowers for Me

05:05   Grandma’s Funeral

05:50   O Gretchen, Wherever You Are

06:30   Be Free, Kathy

07:00   I Left My Mittens in the Smokies

08:00  Herr Generalfeldmarschall Rommel Takes Cyanide

12:05   Bobby

15:05   The Poet Talks To His Former Loves

17:50   Swan-Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

18:30   Here’s To Those Who Suffer Voluntarily

20:00  Letter to Sophie

21:55   That Magic Summer

   2nd session

mm:ss  poem

00:15   What’s True

02:35   In the Fullness Of Time

03:50   Babylon

05:15    Girl of the Tzabarim Dance

06:25   Star-Stuff

07:20   We Remember

07:40   Adam and Eve

09:55   Pocahontas

10:45    John Brown

12:25    A Poem of the Millennium

20:10   Oh, Dad

23:50   A Memorial Poem For Rembrandt (Who Never Had One)

25:05   Casablanca