Lost Loves/Former Loves Poems

        * from the Scraps of Faith collection of poems:

  The Poet Talks To His Former Loves

  Letter to Sophie

  I Will Forget You, Presently

  We Remember

       *  from  A Poetry-Lover’s Guide:

  Letter to his wife Sarah   (Sullivan Ballou)

When You Are Old   (W. B. Yeats)

  “Patterns”      (Amy Lowell)

  “The Cameo”  (Edna Millay)   photo — >>

  “I think I should have loved you presently   (Edna Millay)

  “Pity Me Not Because the Light of Day”  (Edna Millay)

  “Funeral Blues”   (W. H. Auden)

  “litany”      (Carolyn Creedon)

  “Never a Time”  (Veronica Glauber)

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