Historical Poems

Poems from the Scraps of Faith collection of poems, dealing with history / historical figures …


Herr Generalfeldmarschall Rommel Takes Cyanide (about the German World War II general Erwin Rommel);


The Bushman Speaks  (about the African Bushmen, of the Kalahari Desert)


John Brown (19th century U.S. abolitionist)


The Draft  (my own experience with the U.S. Army military draft in 1971)


A Poem of the Millennium (including St. Francis of Assisi, Peter Abelard, Martin Luther, Shakespeare, Voltaire, George Washington, Vincent Van Gogh, and Robert Oppenheimer)




Other kinds of poems:  meaning-of-life/spirituality   

agape (selfless love) humanness    

familial love(husband/wife  parent/child)