Eros / Desire / Obsession Poems

From Lucius Furius’ Scraps of Faith collection:   

A Charm

But Still

Now You Will Feel

The Poet Talks To His Former Loves

Letter to Sophie  

From A Poetry-Lover’s Guide to the World-Wide Web:

  “He Is More Than A Hero”   (Sappho)

  “Stella Maris”  (Arthur Symons)

  “When you are dead, and your disturbing eyes  (Edna Millay)

  “Aphrodite, 1906”  (John Hall Wheelock)

  Dedication to The White Goddess (Robert Graves)

  “Blodewedd”   (Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill / John Montague)

  “litany”   (a stick of emotional dynamite)  (Carolyn Creedon)

  “Pub Poem”  (Carolyn Creedon)

  “Were I To Send This Letter”  (“Ivoryesque”)

  “Plucked from the Vine  (“Jamadhi Verse”)


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