Belief / Meaning-of-Life / Spirituality Poems

* from  Scraps of Faith: 54 Poems of Lucius Furius: 

   The Bushman Speaks  (Kalihari Desert native rejects Western Civilization)

   Grandma’s Funeral   (maternal grandmother inspires life)

   What’s True   (3-year-old son riding tricycle / elderly neighbor backing car out of driveway)

    In the Fullness of Time  (“The life-force … willing us to live, grow, and be fruitful.”)

    Adam and Eve   (forgo Garden of Eden for “all that’s human”)

    Casablanca (“And we must start again each morning, with scraps of faith and feeling, to make the world’s meaning …”)

from  A Poetry-Lover’s Guide:

    Ode 1  (from Sophocles’ Antigone)

    “Renascence”    (Edna Millay)

    “This Side of the Truth”  (Dylan Thomas)