section: A Poetry-Lover's Guide To the World-Wide Web, Post-1950

A Poetry-Lover's Guide To the World-Wide Web, Post-1950

(All these poems are worth reading or I wouldn't have included them. My own favorites? Wolf's "Rothko and Cassandra", Creedon's "litany", Schnackenberg's "Supernatural Love", Montague/Ni Dhomhnaill's "Blodewedd", Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'", Glauber's "Never A Time"....)
The poems are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name.

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Alexie, Sherman    photo ------------------------>
         "Ode To Jolene" (new, Feb. 2010)
         "Inside Dachau"
         "Defending Walt Whitman" (both from Beloit Poetry Journal sampling of poems)..... (more Alexie)
Cohen, Leonard
         "Suzanne" ..... (more Cohen)    photo ------------>
Cornwall, John
         "Diary Poem"
Creedon, Carolyn    photo ------------------------>
         "Pub Poem" ..... (more Creedon)
Crowell, Lori
         "What You Think"
Dylan, Bob        photo ---------------------------->
         "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
         "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
         "Mr. Tambourine Man"
         "Like A Rolling Stone" ..... (more Dylan)
Furius, Lucius    photo ------------------------>
         "Herr Generalfeldmarschall Rommel Takes Cyanide" ..... (more Furius)
Gioia, Dana
         "Planting a Sequoia" (from his collection The Gods of Winter)
         "Places To Return" ..... (more Gioia)    photo ------------>
Glauber, Veronica
         "Never a Time"
Graff, Joshua Amos
         "These Burning Things"
Gralla, Cynthia
         "Beauty"    photo ---------------------------------------->
Harris, Alan
         "Analogies for Love"
         "A Younger Friend" ..... (more Harris)
         "Were I To Send This Letter"
"Jamadhi Verse"
         "In the Road"
         "Plucked from the Vine"
Larkin, Philip
         "Aubade" ..... (more Larkin)
Leland, Kurt    photo ------------------------>
         "Remedies" (from Beloit Poetry Journal)
M., Kathy
         "i've decide to become an alcoholic"
Malinofsky, Leon
See the "Other Poetry Collections" section
McCotter, Kathryn C.
         "I Once Knew a Woman"
Menon, Deepak    photo ------------------------>
         "The City"
Mitchell, Joni
         "Both Sides Now"..... {more Mitchell (Wikipedia)}    photo -->
Montague, John / Ni Dhomhnaill, Nuala
Plath, Sylvia
         "Daddy" ..... (more Plath)    photo -------->
Plummer, Lou
         "Love Letter to the Editor"
Rich, Adrienne
         "Prospective Immigrants Please Note"
         "From an Atlas of the Difficult World"
Robinson, Rebecca
Schnackenberg, Gjertrud
         "Supernatural Love" ..... (more Schnackenberg)    photo --->
Simon, Paul
         "Homeward Bound"
         "I Am a Rock" ..... {more Simon (Wikipedia)}   photo->
Sorensen, Laura
         "All Stuck Through"
         "Babylon, A Prophecy" ..... (more "Void")
Weigl, Bruce
         "Song of Napalm" ..... (more Weigl)    photo -------->
Wheelock, John Hall
         "Aphrodite, 1906"
         "Night Thoughts in Age" ..... (more Wheelock)
Williams, C. K.      photo ---------------------------->
         "The Mirror"
         "Helen" ..... (more Williams)
Wolf, Bill
         "Rothko and Cassandra"
Zitt, Joseph
         "Psalm 183"..... (more Zitt)    photo -------->
--Another Anonymous

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